Our game has very fundamental and simple implementations of most of the basic components of a good game. Challenge vs. Success is inherent in a fps. The challenge is shooting the targets, the success is successfully shooting the targets. This is developed a bit further in ou game though, because the objective is not to just shoot every target, it is to shoot the appropriate apparition representing the emotion or feeling in question. We do more than just incorporate hand and eye coordinations required for a FPS, but we also challenge the player’s mind. Their tasked with successfully shooting the correct target, finding the correct target is a challenge to the head, then being able to shoot it is a challenge of the hands.

We also have a punishment system and scaffolding system. If the player chooses the wrong target and begins to shoot it, they will lose points and be warned that their choice was an incorrect one. So far we only have a punishment for the intellectual component of the game, as for the hands and skill required to shoot the appropriate targets, we have not implemented a scaffolding system to help them develop these skills.

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