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5. Alpha Blending

Alpha Blending is a technique to merge/blend two images or ROI’s (Region Of Interest) together. It is done by taking two arrays and applying weights to each. With this, the AddWeighted() function calculates the new pixel values in the blended … Continue reading

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4. Reading From a Webcam

From my perspective one of the most intriguing applications of all this simple image and file handling so far is reading in data from a webcam. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was using OpenCV. Below is the … Continue reading

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3. Basic Video Manipulation

Video Handling Basics Understanding how to manipulate images was critical to learning video manipulation. This is because a video is just a loop of images! So toying with videos was a piece a pie after getting comfortable with image handling. … Continue reading

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2. Basic Image Manipulation

Image Data Handling After I installed OpenCV I wanted to get started with some image manipulations. The concept is pretty simple with Computer Vision being defined as basically “the transformation of data from a still or video camera into either … Continue reading

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1. Compiling OpenCV

Alright so I have a hard-on for Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and I’m pumped to be getting into it. I’m going to document my experiences learning OpenCV here, and eventually start some cool projects. Please help me out, and … Continue reading

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