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Some programming problems I’ve faced and solved.

Dropbox Woes – Recovering Data in Bulk

TLDR To recover many recently deleted files or folders scattered across many directories, just delete the folder highest in the file system tree that contains everything you want restored. Then recover that folder through the Dropbox web app. All of … Continue reading

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Configuring an AWS Ubuntu Server Instance

After connecting to your newly instantiated server, you will want to configure it. The first thing I always do is create an account for myself, and then disable the public/private key authentication requirements for SSH tunneling. Be wary about whether … Continue reading

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Launching an AWS Instance

We will be configuring a virtual server to provide data aggregation and visualization services. There will be many posts in this series, but we must begin by initializing our Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance. First choose to “Launch Instance” from … Continue reading

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