10.10 Ubuntu Girls – Photo Shoot

In attempt to “cross the chasm” between the tech-savvy Linux world, and the modern-pop culture world, my friend Ian Johnson and I hosted a less than conventional release party for Ubuntu 10.10. A majority of the party’s tremendous success came from the support and contributions of

our beautiful 10.10 Ubuntu Girls! We scoured the campus of Florida State University, looking for lovely women willing to help us promote Ubuntu and support the open source philosophy.

Fate had smiled upon us and made our search a bit easier. For those who don’t know, the FSU student body is composed of 60% females and 40% males. Go Noles!

After meeting with a lot of the girls that were interested we chose the 5 gorgeous women shown above and in the video below – Jessie Grossman, Sara Dejam, Victoria DeSimone, Jennifer Ertl, and Nicole Weinstein. Their positive energy and charisma helped them stand out among the other girls. On top of making our Ubuntu swag look great, they were also a highlight at the release party by passing out drinks, taking pictures with everyone, and promoting Ubuntu 10.10!

The photo shoot took place at the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. It was in the seminar room with the 20 foot stereoscopic screen as the backdrop, that our fantastic photographer, Sean Viray, captured this unforgettable event.

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5 Responses to 10.10 Ubuntu Girls – Photo Shoot

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  2. Alan Bell says:

    I hope they all went home with an Ubuntu CD and promises of help and support with it! At the next event they can come as community members.

  3. Good job Ubuntu Guru. Keep spreading the love!

  4. Simone says:

    Sara Dejam is a psychopath! Not a good choice for your brand image

  5. Nathan Crock says:

    Haha, she was and is a fantastic Ubuntu girl!

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