Ubuntu gets Commercial Grade Video, Audio, and Games

As an avid open source user and unabashed Ubuntu advocate I’ve been politely coercing people to use Ubuntu/Linux products for years. I’m sure we’ve all heard the most common rebuttals, “I’ve got nothing against Linux, but…”

  • “There’s no audio or video editing software.”
  • “Most of my favorite games won’t run on Linux.”
  • “I can’t edit my documents and spreadsheets for work.”
  • “No one really uses it.”

The list goes on and on… While the majority of the excuses are just plain silly, many of the others had been “patched” with the advent of WINE. Unfortunately, most of the users who would actually need it don’t know about it. But recently the 2 leading excuses have suffered a brutal defeat in the past few months and days. While the war is not over, today we can all be proud Ubuntu and Linux users.

04/30/2013 – The Beta release of a Hollywood quality video/audio editing suite for Ubuntu…


02/14/2013 – The long awaited arrival of Ubuntu’s future gaming pride…


May all of our futures be rich with Ubuntu software.

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