Somethings need to be Experienced

This whole blogging thing is relatively new for me. I’m more of the proud, quiet type… Which led me to look at blogs as a sort of online diary. Why would a strong, proud man like myself need a diary?! Wrong. No matter how much I read, watch, study, discuss, or just ponder on different experiences, once I’ve experienced them I can rarely say that I anticipated them affecting me in the manners they did. Blogging is certainly no exception. Before beginning my first blog Getting Started with Git I told myself that I had nothing to blog about. Then my good friend Ian Johnson told me to just blog about what I do. I’m a mathematics tutor at Florida State University, and I’d be hard pressed to tell you something I enjoy more than helping others. So I thought I can just write helpful blogs about things I do. After my first post I had over 400 views and 7 subscribers. Knowing I can help so many people with just one article is a difficult feeling to describe. So if you’re like me and you think you’ve got things figured out and you don’t need to try this or that because you know all about it, I’m here to tell you, you probably don’t. Somethings just need to be experienced.

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